A Collection of Orchards in Africa

We're building high-value, perennial orchards in Africa and positively impacting the local communities and the environment

The Benefits of Investing in Orchard Crops:

We're focused on investing in citrus, avocado, and macadamia orchards.

High value, export-oriented crops

Environmentally friendly

Low in Operational Complexity

The African Advantage:

Cost Effective, Arable Land and Water

Counter-seasonal production

Proximity to Growing Markets

Our Platform Already has Two Operating Orchard Farms

Verdant Produce Mozambique

Verdant Produce is a 500 hectare (1,235 acre) green field operation at the base of the Massingir Reservoir in Southern Mozambique. There's potential to expand another 1,400 hectares (3,460 acres) of citrus orchards. The soil and climate are ideally suited for crop and citrus production. Learn more.

Verdant Orchards Munyati

Verdant Orchards Munyati is an established 3,000 hectare (7,400 acre) multi-crop farm in southern Zambia.  370 hectares (915 acres) of this exceptionally well-managed property has been set aside for avocado production.

Cold Storage and Harbours

Potential storage locations for crops and distribution methods for exportation.

We Also Have an Exciting Pipeline of 9 New Orchard Farms

an experienced leadership team

Bruce Hamilton

CEO & Partner

An agricultural economics graduate with over 30 years of agribusiness leadership experience in Africa

James De La Fargue

COO & Partner 

A former farmer and financier with over 30 years of agribusiness experience in Africa

Bongani Manzi

Finance Director

A seasoned finance professional and qualified chartered accountant based in South Africa

Barry Hawke


A BSc agriculture, MBA and CFA charter holder with over 30 years experience in capital markets

Scott Friesen

Board Chairman

A serial entrepreneur who has started, grown and  sold four companies since 1998

Hoppie Nel

EXCO Board Advisor

Fruit industry consultant with 30 years of experience in large fruit enterprise management

Built for powerful ESG Impact


Create Jobs

Creating jobs with equal wages and providing comprehensive training and support for workers and their families is a passion for us


Strengthen Communities

Investing in education, healthcare, clean water and agricultural training for the local communities is our vision


Restore the Environment

Planting orchards naturally sequesters carbon into the soil while creating a sustainable food source